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Advancing the Personalized Medicine Revolution

Goulston & Storrs counsels a top genetics and genomics research institution

Practice: Assisted Living & Long-Term Care, Health Care, Healthcare Practitioners, Innovation Development & Licensing, Privacy & Security
People: Jack A. Eiferman, Andrew J. Ferren, Martha J. Nahill Frahm, Karin K. Rivard

After 20-plus years and several billion dollars invested, human genome research has long ago escaped any ivory towers. What was once a lofty abstraction is now being applied every day, screening individuals and creating meaningful diagnostic data.

Scientists, researchers and health care providers are now matching the theories of genetics and genomics with machines, software and methodologies. They’re creating the technologies and procedures that have ushered in the personalized medicine revolution.

Along with this progress has come every kind of difficult, complex and sophisticated legal challenge you can imagine. That’s where Goulston & Storrs has entered the picture.

For the past six years, a team of the firm’s attorneys have provided support for a major, non-profit integrated health care system based in New England promoting genetics and genomics in research and clinical medicine. Led by Martha J. Nahill Frahm, Andrew Ferren, Karin Rivard and Jack Eiferman, the team serves as primary outside counsel to the group.

The firm’s support has cut across a wide range of institutional needs. These needs have included corporate, technology, real estate, management of disputes, health care regulation, privacy and intellectual property issues, such as… 

  • Multi-year collaborations with industry partners, both for-profit and non-profit, involving millions of dollars and complex tax-exempt regulations 
  • Anti-kickback statutes, where collaboration might be seen as a way to reward or induce more business when a collaborative partner might also be a business vendor to members of the consortium 
  • Agreements with companies which want to make use of the client’s services 
  • Products and partnerships that offer training and continuing education to health care professionals and providers 
  • Development of software by third parties, customized to meet the client’s needs

As personalized medicine continues to expand, this list only promises to grow. Some experts predict the domestic sales of DNA-based products and technologies in the biotechnology industry will pass $45 billion by 2009.

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For a more detailed look at how the Goulston & Storrs team helped this client, please contact Martha J. Nahill Frahm, Andrew Ferren, Karin Rivard and Jack Eiferman, all members of the Innovation Development and Licensing service area.

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