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Summer Associate Life

As a summer associate at Goulston & Storrs, you have a unique opportunity to learn about the legal profession and the Boston area. Expect to live the law firm experience with direct partner and client exposure. Work assignments are substantive and include research and writing assignments, client meetings, conference calls, depositions and attending hearings. Your summer with Goulston & Storrs offers amazing work opportunities throughout several practice areas, assisting the firm’s attorneys.

We encourage you to take full advantage of everything the summer associate program offers. Make friends, hone your skills and soak up information to help you develop your career. Attend practice area seminars. Participate in mock negotiations and trials run by our corporate and litigation attorneys. See our real estate work in action through tours of our client sites. Network during social events outside the office such as an interactive cooking class, a red sox game, or bbq overlooking Boston Harbor on our deck.

Experience first hand what is involved in getting the deals done.


The American Lawyer Associate Satisfaction Survey

From the first year Goulston & Storrs was considered, we’ve been ranked among the top in the nation. The reasons -- associates grow professionally and personally and are respected for their contributions to the firm, including our commitment to pro bono initiatives and community involvement.

Goulston & Storrs was selected among law firms nationally to be included in America's Greatest Places To Work With A Law Degree by Kimm Alayne Walton. In her book, Ms. Walton interviewed law school placement administrators throughout the country identifying law firms at which their particular graduates were happiest, and several Boston law schools nominated Goulston & Storrs.

Firm Statistics

Of Counsel
Summer Associates
7 3









We value diversity for the dynamic, vibrant spirit it brings to our organization and lives. Over forty percent of our colleagues are women, people of color or openly gay. Diversity is not just a long-range goal at Goulston & Storrs; it is our reality.

Counsel/Of Counsel
Summer Associates
41 9 3
African  American
1 8 1


2017 On Campus Interview Schedule

See if Goulston & Storrs will be on your campus or a campus near you.
Columbia August 2, 2017
Boston Lawyers Group Job Fair August 2, 2017
Northeastern August 3, 2017
Harvard August 8 & 9, 2017
Boston College August 9, 2017
Georgetown August 9, 2017
Suffolk August 9, 2017
Boston University August 10, 2017
NYU August 11, 2017

If you missed us on campus, please feel free to contact us directly to learn about available opportunities.

Interview Tips

Do Your Homework Before You Visit

Read the firm's brochure cover to cover; surf its website; read its review in the American Lawyer Magazine; see if your placement office has a file of previous summer associate comments and experiences. Most important, talk with 3Ls who have already worked there.

Be Prepared to Talk in Detail About Anything on Your Resume

When Walking the Halls, Watch How People Interact

Keep your eyes and ears open.

Sell Yourself

Think about why the firm is a good fit for you and practice what you are going to say.

Make Eye Contact

Give a firm handshake. Be interested in the firm.

Come Armed With Questions

Probe beyond an interviewer's initial answer. This will demonstrate your understanding of the firm and your intellectual curiosity. It also shows you're truly engaged in the interview.

Ask Tough Questions

From what the hours are really like to what are your chances of getting stuck in a practice area you hate. Ask non-business questions to learn about the interviewer's life outside the law.

Ask the Same Question of Several Interviewers

This is a great way to test for uniform versus divergent views on a particular issue.

Be Yourself

We are all in this together. You're trying to figure out if we are a good match for you and vice versa.


Goulston & Storrs offers an outstanding experience for summer associates. But don’t take our word for it… hear it directly from our Summer Associates.

“…working directly under the guidance and mentorship of partners. Nothing can replace the perspective and experience of an accomplished lawyer who has been practicing for 10, 20, or 30 years.”

“The most interesting thing about being a summer associate at G&S is the five or six trips we took to tour project sites that G&S attorneys were working on. Walking through projects ranging from the highest-end hotels and retail to affordable housing, and comprehending how G&S attorneys had been involved in all phases of each project was fascinating.”

“...the amount of "real work" that summers are given; it feels like there is a greater level of responsibility from day one. That, and the personal attention that each summer associate receives. Partners and associates are willing to donate their time to teach summer associates and help them understand how their discrete issue fits into the bigger picture of a project or deal. The hierarchical structure between partners and associates is also minimized, which promotes a more collegial environment. I was surprised at how collegial and friendly the working environment really is; everyone genuinely wants to help their neighbor and see them succeed.”

“The most interesting thing about being a summer associate at G&S is getting a first-hand view of the sensational results of our real estate development work through tours of the Mandarin Hotel, Atlantic Wharf (formerly Russia Wharf), Patriot Place, and a number of other projects!”

“The most interesting thing about being a summer associate at G&S was having the opportunity to work directly with so many different people including associates, partners and even clients.”

“The most surprising thing about being a summer associate at G&S was how well everything I learned about the firm through my own research and the interview process matched the reality. G&S is very honest about who they are as a firm. As summer associates we were lucky that what you see is what you get.”

“…working on a time sensitive project for the firm's biggest client”

"The most interesting thing about being a summer associate at G&S was watching two partners battle it out in a mock negotiation seminar. It really was!”

Goulston & Storrs Recruiting Podcast Series

What is it like to work at Goulston & Storrs?

On Diversity...

Is diversity really a priority at Goulston & Storrs?
"The founding of Goulston & Storrs, 107 years ago was basically an attempt to create a law firm that would be open to everyone."

As a woman of color, what are your chances of becoming partner?
"I feel like the chances of me becoming partner are just as good as someone who is white and the fact that I am of color will not have any impact on that decision."

How open is Goulston & Storrs to discussing color, race & diversity?
"I think it has to be confronted head-on because it’s the elephant in the room. And if you don’t discuss it, it’s just not an honest conversation."

What is it like being a minority woman at Goulston & Storrs?
"Like everywhere else, it’s difficult to walk around where nobody looks like you. The difference is at Goulston & Storrs the firm cares about increasing diversity."

How are minorities treated at Goulston & Storrs?
"The whole idea that I come from a foreign country and I have an accent is invisible in my daily life. It just doesn’t count. I’ve never been treated differently."

A Day in the Life…

What are the benefits of having a one-to-one partner/associate ratio?
“As a junior associate, if you’re in litigation, you’re going to write complaints, answer complaints, make motions, stand up in court, go to depositions a lot earlier than you are if you work at a place that has a more traditional model.”

Do associates have a meaningful role as part of a team?
“You can’t just be a number at Goulston and Storrs… their reliance on young associates and partners alike creates an atmosphere that requires every person to put effort into the culture.”

How does work get allocated? Could I get stuck doing work for only one partner?
“…somebody is looking out to make sure you’re not working with the same person over and over and you’re not doing the same exact thing over and over again.” 

Do partners really have time to train me, or are they too busy?
“It’s not just about getting the deal done. It’s about helping associates learn what the project is about.”

Are first year associates relegated to the back room? How much client interaction do they have?
“You very quickly realize that you are part of the enterprise and you are just as important as anybody else at the table…”

If I screw up, does it mean I won’t get an offer?
“They are looking ultimately for you to become a partner and they want you to be the best partner that you can be.”

Having a Life…

What’s it like to be a summer associate?
“It’s actually better than they described. It’s great here.”

How do people treat and relate to one another?
“I’ve really felt that I could be myself, was given a fair amount of latitude in the kinds of work that I did and that I could express my point of view, without fear of recrimination.” 

Can you have a life outside of Goulston & Storrs?
“As a woman you always have in your head, in the future what is it going to be like if I want to have kids?”

Why does Goulston & Storrs believe in paternity leave and spending time with your family?
“The culture’s a little bit different; it’s a throw back in that people actually care that you have a personal life.”

Is Goulston & Storrs likely to merge with another firm?
“Goulston is not in the market to get swallowed up by some mega firm which will have a very different culture and very different values.” 

A Law Firm for Life… Perspectives from our Executive Committee

What are you looking for in an associate?
“People who interview here may interview with 5, 10, 15 … people across the board not just partners because we’re making that hire for the long term.”

What would you suggest a law student look for when deciding on a firm?
“I would be looking at how partners treat each other and compensate each other because those kinds of things have an incredible impact on how everybody works every day.” 

Why do people talk about the ‘Goulston culture’ with such reverence and passion?
“We all believe at our cores that this thing that makes us special is what also makes us successful.”

How does the Goulston compensation system impact an associate’s work?
“Associates don’t get tied to one partner who feels like they own their time.” 

What’s it like to be a woman at Goulston & Storrs?
“I actually made partner when I was seven months pregnant with my first child.”

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Contact Information

Jennifer Smith, Legal Recruitment Manager
Phone: 617-574-4072
Fax: 617-574-4112
E-mail: jsmith@goulstonstorrs.com
Address: 400 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02110-3333


Message from Co-Managing Directors

Please enjoy a video message from the Co-Managing Directors of Goulston & Storrs, Martin Fantozzi and Barry Green, reflecting upon the firm, its members and client service.

Top 10 Reasons to Work at Goulston & Storrs

Find out first-hand why the employees of Goulston & Storrs enjoy what they do. Click here to watch the video.


What Kind of People Work at G&S?

We attract and hire people who: 

  • seek a sophisticated and challenging legal practice; 
  • are concerned about team success over individual recognition; 
  • are willing to work hard; 
  • are self-starters; 
  • have a sense of humor; 
  • are interested in community outreach; 
  • like great food.

How Do Summer Associates Get Work Assignments?

The summer committee (comprised of partners, associates, and the recruitment director) is responsible for delegating work to all summer associates. The committee works hard to ensure that summer associates get exposure to as many practice areas as possible. If you want to focus on a particular practice area, just ask and we will try to make it happen. Summer associates can also review available assignments and choose some of particular interest.

How Similar Will My Experience Be to That of a First-Year Associate?

Whether you're a summer associate or a first-year, you'll draft deal documents and court papers, and participate in client meetings, conference calls, closings, etc, with more experienced lawyers. Summer associates are not expected to lead deals, but first-years may lead aspects of a deal such as obtaining client authorizations and consents.

As a summer associate, you'll attend weekly (sometimes daily!) lunches, harbor cruises and golf outings to build relationships with the firm's lawyers. First-year associates attend similar events to build relationships with the firm's clients.

Will I Get to Do Pro Bono Work?

Absolutely! All summer associates get at least one pro bono assignment. First-year associates always have pro bono work since our 40 pro bono clients are handled just as any "paying" client.

What Kind of Feedback Do Associates Get?

Associates receive formal reviews every six months that incorporate feedback from every partner he or she has worked with during the review period. You'll also get informal feedback almost daily, through edits to your written work and suggestions on improving your performance.

Not all teaching is after the fact. Senior lawyers spend time helping associates prepare for arguments, trials, and closings.

How Does G&S Promote Diversity in Its Workplace?

The firm's diversity committee (composed of partners and associates) meets regularly to discuss how to recruit and retain a diverse workforce. We actively participate in minority job fairs and professional groups including: 

  • The Boston Lawyers Group 
  • The Boston Lawyers Group Job Fair and Harvard BLSA Job Fairs 
  • The Partnership and its Fellows Program 
  • Annual reception for 1st year law students of color (which promotes networking and leadership mobilization among professionals of color)

Click here to learn more about our Commitment to Diversity

What Does the Firm Expect in the Way of Billable Hours?

Our official policy is not to have a billable hours policy. We expect that you will do the highest quality work on time and do a great job communicating to both your colleagues and your clients. Most of our attorneys log around 1900-2000 billable hours a year.

Are There Opportunities for Alternative Work Arrangements?

Yes. Several of our attorneys, paralegals and secretaries work or have worked reduced hours to accommodate family matters. However, we all work hard at G&S and we realize that one person's absence means another's increased burden. We respect each other's outside commitments, but we don't take the firm's flexibility for granted.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Goulston & Storrs provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, national origin, age, handicap, disability or veteran status in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. In addition, Goulston & Storrs complies with applicable federal, state and local laws governing non-discrimination in employment.
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