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Podcast: Are you high? Marijuana Laws & The Employer Drug Testing Haze
Practice: Employment
Marijuana use is now legal in dozens of states.  But laws vary considerably.  Is it medicinal use?  Recreational?  Do federal laws still take precedence?  What are employers’ rights to screen for marijuana use?  What are employees’ rights in jurisdictions where marijuana use is legal?Elizabeth Levine with Goulston & Storrs’ labor & employment practice provides some guidance through the hazy legal landscape for employers.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation Checklist for Retailers Entering the USA
Practice: Retailers Entering the US
This is a summary of the approach that a foreign retailer contemplating a roll out of a retail concept into the USA should consider to identify and plan for the major legal risks it may encounter. By undertaking such an analysis and implementing appropriate risk mitigation measures, the retailer can, in most cases, achieve a risk profile it determines to be acceptable and limit exposure to potentially costly and distracting litigation. The review and mitigation steps described are best undertaken by a team involving management, legal counsel and appropriate other business, IT and insurance experts.

IP Checklist for Retailers Entering the USA
Practice: Retailers Entering the US
A primary goal for any company seeking to sell products or services in the United States is to protect one of its most valuable assets – intellectual property – from infringement, copying and misuse. Intellectual property clearance and protection strategies are critical to reduce a company’s risk of doing business in the United States. We have created a simple checklist of action items that a retailer should consider before rolling out a retail concept into the United States. 

Josh Davis Weighs in on Recent High-Profile Hollywood Sexual Harassment Allegations
Practice: Employment
AudioOn Boston Herald Radio Goulston & Storrs Director Josh Davis weighed in on the recent spate of sexual harassment allegations against high-profile Hollywood figures.

Common Misconceptions About Risk Management and Insurance CoverageVideoWatch this brief video to learn more about the common misconceptions about risk management and insurance coverage for businesses.

Master Planning: The Catalyst for Long-Term SuccessVideoIn this quick video, Maureen Dwyer and Matthew Kiefer discuss Master Planning for Universities and Colleges.

Complying with Export Controls While Growing Your BusinessVideoIn this video, Goulston & Storrs attorneys, Eby Pineda-Dorcena and Kerry Scarlott, lay out easy to follow steps for understanding export compliance.

What's Next for 38 StudiosGoulston & Storrs Bankruptcy attorney, Doug Rosner is interviewed on NECN.com about the 38 Studios Bankruptcy.

Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Authorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 – A Summary and Statutory Analysis of Key Estate Planning ProvisionsKerry Spindler blogs on the TRA provisions that most affect estate planning for the Boston Bar Association.

ITAR and ITAR Reform EffortsThe Space Show features Goulston & Storrs' Kerry Scarlott in a comprehensive discussion about ITAR and ITAR reform efforts underway to modernize the ITAR regime, especially for commercial space technology and products.
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