We come to Alternative Dispute Resolution as trial lawyers, experienced in what it takes to win in court, and aware of the costs in time, expense and lost opportunity that any court resolution — no matter how favorable — brings with it. Consequently, we are able to offer our clients an experienced, realistic analysis of the alternatives to resolution by agreement. As neutrals, as advocates in ADR processes, or as settlement counsel, we bring a focus on the dynamics of reaching resolution and the experience to test settlement possibilities against the alternatives.

Members of our ADR Group serve as mediators, masters and arbitrators. In these capacities, we are equipped to accommodate dispute specific rules designed by the parties and their counsel. As a result of the diversity of our practice, we can serve as neutrals with experience and knowledge in a variety of business settings, including: lender/borrower and lender group internal disputes, professional and business firm internal disputes and separations, real estate matters, including development, title matters, leasing and operating issues, construction and design disputes, intellectual property disputes and professional liability matters.

As advocates in the ADR process, we represent large and small companies and individuals in the full range of ADR options, both private and court-sponsored, counsel our clients on which of the spectrum of options are best suited to their circumstances and design dispute specific processes, where appropriate. We provide experienced, realistic analysis of the alternatives to resolution by agreement. Where appropriate, with our clients we search out resolutions that amount to more than merely settling a claim, by finding opportunities to expand the pie or to generate new value in future relationships between the parties.