Assisted Living & Long-Term Care


The Goulston & Storrs Assisted Living and Long-Term Care group assists hospitals, trade associations, managed care and health maintenance organizations, home health agencies, telemedicine providers, technology transfer offices, health information technology companies, research foundations, medical device companies and specialty care providers. Additionally, we counsel long-term care, assisted living and nursing home providers, physicians, dentists and other healthcare practitioners (both individual practitioners and group practices).

Goulston & Storrs advises both family-owned and national companies with the development, financing, tax planning (for both taxable and tax-exempt entities), regulatory compliance, licensure and certification, and management and operation of alternative housing options for the elderly, assisted living residences, nursing homes and retirement communities. We counsel on day-to-day operational issues, assembling tax credits, tax-exempt bonds, Medicaid waiver financing, employee benefits and resident relations. Additionally, we handle issues pertaining to development and expansion, zoning, permitting, financing, licensing and certification of new facilities.