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Our Service Difference

We place a cultural emphasis on individualized attention to every case, focusing on responsiveness, lean staffing, efficiency and results. Often we litigate successfully with fewer lawyers than our opponents while remaining more accessible to our clients, carefully choosing staff who are the right fit for each matter with the objective of providing a suitable stable team for the duration of a case.

Our commercial litigation advocates are also keenly aware of the business context in which litigation decisions must be made, and they make special efforts to understand the unique business and industry background of each client as it pertains to any litigation assignment.

Because of our deep experience, we also provide value to clients through early case assessments, which help to identify potential opportunities for quick and creative resolutions. We know that clients are not always looking to vanquish an opponent, especially if the opponent is one the client is likely to encounter again out of business necessity. So we look for creative win-win solutions whenever possible, conducting ourselves as formidable but reasonable adversaries with a reputation for professionalism.

We understand and appreciate that a client is entrusting the value of their business to us in important legal matters, and we take that seriously. That is a big reason why the very structure of our firm is client-focused, providing incentives to work collaboratively and share information in order to support our clients to the fullest while discouraging any attitudes or behaviors that interfere with the rendering of superior client service.