Christina Addy New York Real Estate Attorney Retail Office Multifamily
Daniel Avery public privately international domestic companies cross-border multi-country merger acquisition transactions lawyer attorney
Timothy Bancroft Public Company Cross-Border Mergers Acquisitions Lawyer
Gene Barton corporate private equity strategic aquirors entrepreneurs merger acquisition transactions attorney lawyer
Thuy-Dien Bui corporate mergers and acquisitions corporate governance corporate financing regulatory compliance lender borrower financing banking real estate lawyer attorney
Tim Carter corporate finance bankruptcy agents lenders borrowers lending transactions debtors creditors committees insolvency proceedings lawyer attorney
David L. Coombs
John Cushing corporate capital markets mergers acquisitions venture capital business green entrepreneurs
Jack Eiferman healthcare corporate attorney lawyer
Andrew Ferren intellectual property commercial transactions corporate nonprofit compliance lawyer attorney
Jill Fox banking and finance associate attorney lawyer
Jennifer Furey Intellectual Property Employment Retail Litigator Attorney Lawyer Boston
Gregory Getschman Corporate Capital Markets Commercial Finance Lawyer Attorney Boston
Janice Gross Real Estate Capital Markets Equity Corporate Joint Ventures Cross-Border Mergers Acquisitions lawyer attorney
Yaacov Gross equity finance investment capital formation joint venture transactions capital investments mergers acquisitions lawyer attorney
Philip Herman commercial law international bank financing transactions syndicated bilateral facilities loan portfolios lawyer attorney
Michael Hickey software medical device biotech e-commerce companies financing corporate securities tax law attorney lawyer
Trevor Hoffmann Bankruptcy Restructuring Attorney Lawyer
Greg Gregory Kaden Bankruptcy Restructuring Corporate Insurance Litigation Mergers Acquisitions lawyer attorney
Ling W. Kong
Darline Lewis private client high wealth family corporate structuring formation joint venture attorney lawyer
Linh N. Lingenfelter
Julia Livingston complex partnership transactions tax securities limited liability partnerships joint ventures attorney lawyer
Pamela MacKenzie acquisition finance REIT facilities credit enhancement bond transactions intercreditor arrangements cross-border lawyer attorney
Nicole Moniz is a corporate finance attorney
Stacey Mordas*
Danhai Mu corporate attorney counsels public offerings, securities law compliance, venture capital financing, cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, technology licensing - Corporate & China groups.
Carly Perkins corporate mergers acquisitions governance financing compliance lawyer attorney
Halley  Petersen
Karin Rivard intellectual property technology medical software science lawyer
Richard Rosensweig litigator corporate and business litigation attorney malpractice defense securities
Doug Rosner bankruptcy restructuring attorney corporate debtors unsecured creditors creditors’ committees lenders landlords asset purchasers trustees
Jesse Rubinstein corporate attorney complex finance transactions private equity sponsored leveraged buy-outs
Kitt Sawitsky business lawyer extensive corporate and real estate experience in both domestic and cross-border operations and transactions
Allison Sherrier business unit divestitures acquisitions restructuring transactions corporate lawyer
Kenneth Sicklick corporate capital markets mergers acquisitions SEC compliance private equity restructuring lawyer attorney
Sonia Steel corporate employment tax lawyer attorney
Rick Talkov tax accountant assists the firm’s lawyers, entrepreneurial clients real estate and private client services.
Robert Towsner corporate real estate tax transactional planning REIT UBTI limited liability lawyer attorney
Tiffany Tsang corporate mergers acquisitions corporate governance corporate financing compliance attorney lawyer
Ross Turner corporate entity formations governance debt equity financings mergers acquisitions securities filings attorney lawyer
David Wiles corporate commercial lending transactions leveraged acquisition finance cross-border financings loans lawyer attorney
Lauren Wilson corporate mergers acquisitions governance financing compliance attorney lawyer
Jeffrey S. Wolfson