Data Privacy

Representative Matters

Counseling and Other Services for a Company Entering into Content Development and Course-Load Distribution Agreements

Represented an online educational service provider, providing data privacy counseling and other services for a company entering into content development and course-load distribution agreements, including the establishment of a subsidiary in India.

Credit Card Privacy and Security Issues and Product Liability Matters

Provided advice and litigation services to a high-end electronics retailer regarding credit card privacy and security issues and product liability matters.

Inadvertent Release of Independent Contractor financial Information by a Third-Party Vendor

Represented an on-line educational service provider in connection with the inadvertent release of independent contractor financial information by a third-party vendor

Inadvertent Release of Protected Personal Information During the Course of Development and Construction Activities

Provide guidance and advice to nationally recognized furniture retainer in connection with data privacy matters resultant from the inadvertent release of protected personal information during the course of development and construction activities.

Outside U.S. General Corporate Counsel to a Leading Chinese Online Media, Communications, Search, Online Gaming, and Mobile Value-Added Services Company

Acted as outside U.S. general corporate counsel to, a leading Chinese online media, communications, search, online gaming, and mobile value-added services company (NASDAQ-traded) providing numerous services, including data privacy and risk management

Patented Software as a Service (SaaS) Company Providing Services to Major National Retailers

Represented a patented software as a service (SaaS) company providing services to major national retailers using proprietary algorithms in connection with all of its technology transactions in the areas of corporate, finance, contracts, retailer agreements, terms of use and privacy, data protection and use policies.

Potential Release of Personal Information on Account of Vendor Supplied POS Software

Represented Boston area restaurant group in connection with the investigation into and response to a potential release of personal information on account of vendor supplied POS software.

Drafting and Negotiating Privacy and Data Security Provisions in Contracts

Drafting and negotiating privacy and data security provisions in contracts (i.e. service provider contracts, vendor contracts and other types of agreements)

General Corporate Representation of Software Company

Representation of a developer of natural language and data asset management software, on matters including $15M round of venture financing, software licensing, strategic acquisition and relationship matters, and general corporate representation. 

Identifying State and Federal Privacy and Data Security Laws That Might Apply to a Particular Business

Identifying state and federal privacy and data security laws that might apply to a particular business and developing policies and procedures to comply with these laws (i.e. employee privacy, financial privacy, healthcare privacy, marketing privacy)

Implementing Compliant Document Management and Data Retention Plans

Massachusetts Attorney General Enforcement Action Based on a Data Privacy Breach

Represented Boston restaurant group in connection with a Massachusetts attorney general enforcement action based on a data privacy breach and the Commonwealth's data privacy law, G.L. c. 93H.

Post-Breach Investigation and Response

Post-breach investigation and response, including potential post-breach reporting and notification obligations, counseling and subsequent litigation

Privacy-Related Claims and Disputes

Responding to Civil Investigations Undertaken by Governmental Authorities

Responding to Civil Investigations (CID’s) undertaken by governmental authorities following the reporting of a data or cybersecurity breach or event

Reviewing and Addressing Privacy and Data Security Obligations and Liabilities in Vendor Contracts

Reviewing and addressing privacy and data security obligations and liabilities in vendor contracts supplied to clients by vendors to mitigate or reallocate risks

Risk Management and Cyber Insurance Advise

Risk management and cyber insurance advise, including cybersecurity policy negotiation and procurement

Preparation of Commercial Agreements for a Publicly-Traded Technology Company

Prepared commercial agreements, including privacy and security matters, for the deployment of telemedicine networks by a publicly-traded technology company.

Prepare Privacy and Other Policies Regarding Digital Presence

Prepared privacy and other policies for digital presence of numerous national and international ventures.