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Data Privacy

What We Do / Our Experience

Privacy laws are continually evolving, vary by jurisdiction, and are enforced by federal and state regulators and authorities at different levels.  Our attorneys help clients with a full range of data, privacy and cybersecurity matters, including:

  • Identifying state and federal privacy and data security laws that might apply to a particular business and developing policies and procedures to comply with these laws (i.e. employee privacy, financial privacy, healthcare privacy, marketing privacy)
  • Implementing compliant document management and data retention plans
  • Drafting and negotiating privacy and data security provisions in contracts (i.e. service provider contracts, vendor contracts and other types of agreements)
  • Reviewing and addressing privacy and data security obligations and liabilities in vendor contracts supplied to clients by vendors to mitigate or reallocate risks
  • Risk management and cyber insurance advise, including cybersecurity policy negotiation and procurement
  • Post-breach investigation and response, including potential post-breach reporting and notification obligations, counseling and subsequent litigation
  • Responding to Civil Investigations (CID’s) undertaken by governmental authorities following the reporting of a data or cybersecurity breach or event
  • Privacy-related claims and disputes.