Our Experience

When our clients face litigation, we represent them in state and federal court proceedings, as well as at administrative agencies, including the EEOC and the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. Our attorneys also have experience defending complex class actions, including multi-state, federal actions.

Substantively, our lawyers have resolved or tried to verdict all kinds of employment law claims, including claims involving allegations of:

  • Discrimination on the basis of race, age, gender and sexual orientation
  • Sexual harassment and  retaliation
  • Breach or validity of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, including agreements in specialized industries with intricate legal ramifications, such as the pharmaceutical industry
  • Violation of confidentiality agreements or theft of trade secrets and proprietary information
  • Wage and hour violations and worker misclassification
  • WARN provisions associated with mass layoffs and reductions in force
  • Whistleblowing
  • Workplace misconduct
  • Wrongful termination

We also conduct investigations of alleged or suspected employment law violations, enabling our clients to make assessments of potential exposure and to adopt appropriate policies and practices to deter any potential future misconduct.

In addition to handling investigations and litigation, our lawyers provide clients with proactive counseling and workplace training, as well as carefully crafted, sometimes negotiated employment-related agreements, policies and manuals. See our Employment Services page in the Business-Corporate section of this website for more information.