PFML Handbook Changes Every Employer Must Make

On January 1, 2021, Massachusetts joined the growing list of states that mandate paid family and medical leave for employees. Under the commonwealth’s new Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) law, employers are now required to provide paid leave for those facing health issues, bonding with a child, or taking care of a sick relative. Many employers are still determining what steps to take to prepare and administer the Massachusetts PFML requirements to remain in compliance, how such decisions will affect their current disability benefits and leave policies, and how to specifically update their handbooks.

In part two of this webinar series for the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association, Goulston & Storrs employment attorneys Elizabeth Levine and Sonia Macias Steele will re-examine these new guidelines and address:

  • Employer responsibilities;

  • Differing leave categories;

  • Leave of absence policies;

  • Incorporating Department of Family Leave requirements; and

  • Steps to take to ensure policies are equitable, practical to administer, and understandable.