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Our Experience

The Goulston & Storrs Employment Group counsels clients regarding a wide range of employment matters. We keep clients well-informed of the rapid changes within this heavily regulated area and work closely with them to develop strategies that can improve workplace culture and minimize potential liability.

Our team assists clients in the areas of:

  • Day to day employment advice
  • Compliance with state and federal laws against discrimination, including Title VII, the ADA, the ADEA, and the FMLA
  • Compliance with state and federal laws governing wage and hour matters, including the myriad of federal regulations under the FLSA
  • Drafting and review of employee benefit plans, including cafeteria, disability, ERISA, health, insurance and qualified retirement plans
  • Drafting and review of employee manuals and handbooks
  • Employment training, ranging from cooperatively developed day-long trainings for key employees to individual sessions for problem employees to company-wide anti­discrimination training
  • Drafting and review of executive compensation agreements including deferred compensation
  • Review and counsel related to mergers & acquisitions
  • Counseling and drafting related to  restrictive covenants (from the perspective of both former and prospective employers)
  • Counseling pertinent to employee terminations or large-scale reductions in force, including severance programs, agreements and compliance with the WARN statute
  • Review and counsel related to stock option plans, including phantom stock arrangements, qualified and nonqualified and restricted stock appreciation rights
  • Reviewing insurance policies and helping to procure necessary coverage provisions

We also conduct investigations of alleged or suspected employment law violations, enabling our clients to make assessments of potential exposure and to adopt appropriate policies and practices to deter any potential future misconduct.

In addition to providing our clients with the foregoing services, our firm provides trial advocacy related to a wide array of employment-related claims and disputes. See our “Employment Litigation” page in the Litigation section of this website for more information.