Bisnow: Rise of the Boston Seaport

July 15, 2021 at 7:30am11:30am
Seaport Hotel - Plaza Ballroom

1 Seaport Ln, Boston, MA 02210

Join Cecilia Gordon during the Bisnow Rise of the Boston Seaport event on July 15th as she moderates the session, "Reimagining the Seaport's Post-Pandemic Live & Play Hubs". 

The event will cover the following:

  • What makes the Seaport desirable in Boston's booming life sciences market and what is the growth potential for lab and office space?
  • What and where is the long-term vision for the Seaport’s expansion and which developments can best lead that movement?
  • How can innovative tenants attract talented and diverse-minded individuals to work in the Seaport and how can the Seaport become a destination spot for Boston employees?
  • How are tenant demands changing the design and amenities of multi-use spaces?
  • How do you strike a balance between increasing jobs and making the Seaport a desirable living community?
  • How are the Seaport’s hospitality, entertainment, and retail sectors adjusting to the impacts of Covid-19? What pivots, if any, are necessary?

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