"International Trade: How the Trade Policies and Goals of the Obama Administration Will Be Pursued at the Federal and Local Level"

May 2010

Goulston & Storrs' Kerry Scarlott is a panelist for the Boston Bar Association's May 12th International Trade program. The panelists for the program will look at the Obama administration’s trade policy agenda to promote trade and exports, in line with the pledge he made in his State of the Union speech: the National Export Initiative (NEI) is intended to double U.S. exports and support 2 million new jobs by promoting new exports. At the same time, there are groups who are concerned about a renewed emphasis on free-trade policies, with issues ranging from the shift of US manufacturing jobs overseas to concerns about fair trade and implementing measures for labor (e.g., collective bargaining rights) and environmental standards, two items that Obama spoke about during his campaign . An overarching issue is how these goals might be pursued simultaneously or, alternatively, whether they are in tension with one another. We can also talk about how these policies play into local policy decisions at the state level.

Panelists include:

James Paul, Senior International Trade Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service - US Department of Commerce
Kerry Scarlott, Esq., Goulston & Storrs - A Professional Corporation
Bruce Magid, Dean of Brandeis International Business School and the Martin and Ahuva Gross Chair in Financial Markets and Institutions


This event takes place on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 12:30 PM at the Boston Bar Association on 16 Beacon Street, Boston, MA.