ITAR/EAR Compliance For PCB Manufacturers Workshop — Complying With U.S. Export Controls

December 2011

In the world of international business, it is what you don't know that can hurt you. U.S. businesses are subject to increasing regulatory controls on the export of their products, services and technical data, as well as their sales activities in foreign jurisdictions and the use of foreign workers within the U.S. Even businesses that do not export are increasingly subject to export control related requirements from both ends of the supply chain. During this fast-paced, two-day workshop, you will be provided with cutting-edge information necessary to ensure compliance with these important regulations while taking advantage of opportunities to grow your business domestically and internationally.

Overview of Export Administration Regulations and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and how the export control system impacts your activities both domestic and foreign:

  • Methods for determining which regulatory regime applies to your business activities
  • Registration, licensing and agreement procedures
  • Deemed export compliance and working with foreign nationals
  • Elements of effective compliance plans
  • Enforcement environment and penalties for non-compliance
  • New and forthcoming regulatory changes that could impact your business
  • Case studies and a panel discussion on IPC member experiences