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Legal Rules Governing Investment & Use of Endowment Funds

July 20, 2022 at 12:00pm2:00pm


Attorney Matthew Hillery is participating in the MCLE webinar program: Legal Rules Governing Investment & Use of Endowment Funds. 

Endowment funds are a key resource for exempt organizations and are found throughout the nonprofit world. They range in size from large university-owned endowments to smaller funds held by charitable organizations of all types. This new program explains key aspects of the legal rules governing the investment and use of endowment funds. Understand how endowments are structured, created, and classified, and which state statutes apply. Once created, endowments must be governed responsibly, and the funds invested in a prudent manner. Learn about recommended spending and investment policies, and the ways that organizations work with internal and external investment advisors to fulfill fiduciary duties. Hear how the popular concept of socially responsible investing applies to endowments.