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LVNx Conference Experience

September 21, 2022 at 12:00pm (CDT)

Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile

540 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

The Legal Value Network is presenting The LVNx Conference Experience on September 21-23, 2022. This is an inclusive program designed for business professionals from law firms, in-house legal departments, and service providers, to learn from passionate peers about cutting-edge project management solutions, pricing, and process improvements. The conference presents an opportunity to make valuable connections with the people shaping the future of the legal services industry.

Chief Business Development officer Kelly Harbour will present during two panels Is There Life After the Billable Hour? and Practical Implementation of SALI’s LMSS 2.0:

For decades, some of the boldest and brightest minds of the legal industry have pondered how to move beyond the billable hour. And yet, it persists. Even some early adopters of AFAs are finding themselves settling back into the time-tested billable hour. As the thinking on roles, locations, technology, innovation, and service delivery across the industry shifts, is now the right time to dissociate the value of the work from the value of the human? We’ll set the stage on the challenges and opportunities related to abandoning the billable hour, and then turn to our audience, some of the best brains in legal business, to engage in a lively roundtable discussion on how to change the age-old systems in law firms to create a better model.

When it comes to LMSS 2.0, you believe in the value. You’ve participated in a demo or community meeting. You’ve heard about the building momentum. So, where do you start when it comes to implementation? Which systems? Which codes? How will you keep the standard up to date? Join the SALI Alliance operations team for practical guidance on how to implement LMSS 2.0 at your organization.

Chief Value Officer Chris Ende will present during the pre-conference panel, Moving from Potholes to a Racetrack: Building a Better Road from Pricing Through Billing:

Over the past decade, the sophistication and complexity of legal pricing, service delivery, and invoicing has risen sharply. This confluence of factors makes it more important than ever for firms to have a seamless process from quote to cash, yet many firms continue to employ disconnected processes and struggle with producing invoices that are accurate, convey value, and comply with client guidelines. During this interactive pre-con session, attendees will learn from industry experts about how to address key challenges and create a more connected model that reduces errors, improves profitability, and improves client satisfaction. Our faculty includes experts with experience covering all aspects of the legal ecosystem, including law firms, in-house legal operation teams, eBilling technology providers, and consulting.

Click here for the full conference agenda.