Panelist, "The Anatomy Of The Capital Stack & Creative Financing," BISNOW

October 30, 2019 at 8:00am

This conference will unpack the biggest trends impacting the hospitality industry. Amongst some of the most talked about include data-driven personalization, mobile at center stage, and technology from the time booking, to check in, to check out. As global tourism becomes easier and more accessible, the demand for seamless experiences is a must.

The hospitality industry is one that evolves and constantly re-thinks its value: who do we want to be for our customers, and how do we ensure they keep coming back? Experiences, personalization, social responsibility, and the sharing economy are amongst some of the key takeaways.

Global hotel transaction volumes are predicted to reach $67 billion this year, met by high levels of international capital flow, debt investments, strategic joint ventures, and recapitalizations. However, there are hurdles on the horizon: employment, interest rates, and interest rates are all top of mind. As a result, investors are looking to stabilize their portfolios in primary markets, with premium brands.

We'll dive deeper into challenges and opportunities this industry poses, but one thing is certain: there's nothing slowing down the hospitality boom!