Rain Dance 2020 Web Briefing: Create Your 2021 Go-To-Market Strategy Now

October 28, 2020 at 12:00pm1:00pm
Zoom Webinar

Join Beth Cuzzone and Bruce Alltop of LawVision for a webinar discussion around go-to-market strategies in today’s environment.

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Many believe that the market is going to rebound quickly from this pandemic, resulting in a robust economy in 2021. Since market disruption of any kind typically results in an uptick in litigious activity, market makers are suggesting that law firms are going to be incredibly busy in the upcoming year. So, now is the time for “sharpening the saw” as it relates to go-to-market planning. To this end, LawVision is pleased to offer a webinar focused on creating a best in class go-to-market strategy to ensure that your firm captures its fair share of legal work. This one (1) hour webinar will help ensure that you;

  • Are able to create a foundation for a consistent, coordinated approach to the market
  • Most closely align your firm’s interests with the interests of your clients
  • Strategically target opportunities with existing clients and effectively target new clients
  • Establish go-to-market priorities, which will enable the Marketing Department to better align and leverage its resources, and
  • Improve your business development efficiency by making success easy to replicate.

One of three things will come from attending this session; 1) it will validate that you are employing go-to-market best practices, 2) it will uncover areas for improvement that you and your team can address internally, or 3) it will uncover areas for improvement for which you may need to seek outside assistance. Please join us as we share best in class go-to-market tools, knowledge, skills, tips, and tricks to help you prepare for, what we hope will be, quite a year for the legal industry.