"Wearing Two Hats: Ethical and Malpractice Considerations When A Lawyer Acts As A Fiduciary," Boston Bar Association

January 2013
Boston Bar Association - 16 Beacon Street, Boston, MA


Lawyers are often asked by clients or family members to serve as trustee, executor, guardian or in some other fiduciary capacity. The request may be flattering, and accepting can seem tempting - but what are the risks? How might such risks be mitigated? Richard Zielinski and Gary Ronan of the Professional Liability Practice at Goulston & Storrs can provide some guidance. They will lead an interactive roundtable discussion about the ethical and malpractice issues that arise when a lawyer acts as an executor, trustee or other fiduciary. Among the topics to be discussed are terms of retention (e.g., exculpatory clauses, indemnification clauses and releases), conflicts of interest, and delegation of duties.

Sponsoring Section/Committee(s):

Fiduciary Litigation Committee


Richard M. Zielinski
Goulston & Storrs - A Professional Corporation

Gary M. Ronan
Goulston & Storrs - A Professional Corporation