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Gary Ronan litigator real estate professional liability zoning leasing permitting In his professional liability malpractice lawyers law firms

Representative Matters

Special Permits and Zoning Decisions

Advocating for parties in proceedings before local zoning and planning boards and in appeals of special permit and other zoning decisions.

Invalidating Zoning Changes

Assisting a real estate developer in invalidating a zoning change adopted by a town in an effort to block its project.

Class Action Lawsuit in Cooperative Housing Corporation

Defense of a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of the shareholders of a cooperative housing corporation alleging violations of the corporation’s affordable housing restriction.

Law Firm Defense in Securities Offering Case

Defense of a law firm against claims that the firm’s work in connection with a securities offering destroyed its corporate client’s business prospects.

Defense of Trustees in an Action for Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Removal

A beneficiary sought the removal of two trustees of a Massachusetts Business Trust, alleging that the trustees had acted beyond their authority and breached their duties in carrying out a number of complicated transactions designed to place a conservation easement on family-owned land and exchange various parcels of land among several trusts.  At trial, the Court found that the trustees had not breached their duties and awarded fees and costs to the trustees.  The Appeals Court determined that the trustees had authority under the trust to effectuate the transactions at issue and affirmed the trial court’s determination that no breach of fiduciary duty occurred.

Defending Law Firm and Lawyers in Estate and Business Succession Case

Defense of a law firm and individual lawyers against malpractice claims arising out of the preparation of an estate and business succession plan.

Enforceability of Settlement Appeal

Arguing before the Massachusetts Appeals Court in a case concerning the enforceability of a settlement agreement.

U.S. Wine Distribution Trademark Dispute with Italian Manufacturer

Advocating for and advising a United States wine distribution business and trademark holder in their disputes with an Italian wine manufacturer regarding trademark and distribution rights.

Establishment of Rent During Extension of Commercial Lease

Defense of a lawsuit seeking to vacate an arbitration award pertaining to the establishment of rent due during the extension term of a lease for commercial office space.

Licensing Dispute for Medical Research Technology

Advising a major research institution concerning licensing disputes relating to medical research technology.

Affordable Housing Owner Obligation Dispute

Representation of the owners of affordable housing developments in disputes with a state agency concerning the owners’ obligations upon the prepayment of their mortgage loans and claims that they have been overcharged mortgage interest over a period of years.

Age Discrimination Defense

Defense of radio station and automotive dealership companies in lawsuits alleging age discrimination.