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Gene Barton corporate private equity strategic aquirors entrepreneurs merger acquisition transactions attorney lawyer

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Connecting Esports and Business

Esports Influence Continues to Grow

The recent announcement  that Simon Property Group, the largest mall owner in the U.S., has agreed to pay $5 million for a minority stake in esports arena operator Allied Esports is interesting from a number of perspectives.  Electronic media, which has been a major cause of disruption for retail operators...

The Women Driving Esports Tech Apparel

All empires have to start to somewhere and not all foundations are the same. This is one of the beautiful mysteries behind the booming success of the esports industry, opportunity lies behind every door. This is exactly what two non-gamers have proven with their "yet to be rivaled" apparel...

Esports Continue to Break Ground

Though not the first esports arena in the US, the latest news about Fusion Arena , a 3,500 seat venue that will be home to Philadelphia Fusion, is certainly breaking new ground - 60,000 square feet of it to be precise. This $50M venue is a strong wake up...

Is Your IP Safe in a $1 Billion Industry?

According to Axios’ article , the eSports market is expected to surpass $1 billion globally in 2019. None of this should be a shock since eSports is proving to be an ideal venue for brand sponsorship, particularly for the often hard to reach younger demographic. This trend in sponsorship...

Online Gambling is Hot and the DOJ Holds the Cards

Legal Sports Report recently captured the activity surrounding online gambling and it’s clearly heating up. Earlier this month, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a controversial opinion that the Wire Act of 1961 prohibits all online wagering and not just online sports betting. While this represents a departure from...

Licensing Wars: Bungie vs Activision

Bungie, the company behind “Marathon,” “Halo,” and “Destiny,” recently split from Activision , another major player in the video game industry. The demands from an ever-changing industry and fluctuating sales have put the two companies at odds and now they're in a licensing war over some of their most successful games...

2018: The Year of Acceleration

According to  Esports Insider , 2018 was the year of investments, sponsorships, and deals for the eSports industry. From my point of view, the pace of eSports is clearly accelerating. Investors ranging from celebrities like Drake and Michael Jordan to savvy private equity funds are pouring capital into a...