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G&S Players

The Goulston & Storrs eSports team is lead by talented and forward-thinking attorneys, including:

Gene Barton, a corporate attorney, sees the eSports industry’s bright future quite clearly. Known for his work with technology-based companies that thrive in an internet-based business world, Gene has first-hand experience negotiating sponsorship deals and crafting eSport team agreements. Gene’s experience and genuine interest in eSports sets him apart. He knows how to identify what businesses need to reach the top. Whether it is corporate finance, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions, licensing, investing, distribution or intellectual property, Gene directs clients to make solid business decisions. Combined with a personal, interactive background with eSports, Gene makes a difference for entrepreneurs and companies as they establish and run their eSports businesses. Learn more about Gene’s broader practice.

Martin Edel is a litigator, advisor, and educator well-known for his sports, eSports and entertainment knowledge and practice. In eSports, Marty advises businesses, leagues, teams, sponsors and venue operators on issues such as corporate governance, intellectual property, licensing, and contracting. His entrepreneurial spirit facilitates the identification of opportunities presented through eSports and the business acumen required to achieve success. In addition to his thriving law practice, Marty is entering his 20th year as law school educator, covering sports and entertainment law including eSports. As a result, Marty invests a lot of time to keep in front of the fast-paced industries he covers in his daily work.  Learn more about Marty’s broader practice.

Jill Fox, a corporate finance attorney, is poised to connect the emerging eSports industry with the lenders she represents every day. Working with banks and private equity firms to finance acquisitions and events, she also helps her clients establish lines of credit. Jill’s experience with lender contracts and strategies offers well-positioned insight for eSport companies, teams and investors. Whether entering the industry or running an established eSport company, Jill handles both domestic and cross-border transactions. Her background working with technology companies, casinos and other corporate entities allows her to guide clients interested in funding, creating, acquiring or selling eSport teams. Learn more about Jill’s broader practice.