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Our Service Difference

We place a cultural emphasis on individualized attention to every case, focusing on responsiveness, lean staffing, efficiency and results. Even in staffing a case, our goal is to utilize lawyers with industry knowledge who will work with clients for the duration of a case so that we have a stable service team that is always keenly aware of the business context in which litigation decisions must be made. We also make special efforts to understand the unique business background of each client as it pertains to any litigation assignment.

We know, for example, that a court ruling or settlement might be good for the patent at issue, but possibly harmful to other patents in a client’s portfolio. We are careful to work collaboratively with all members of your business team to reach resolutions that make both business and legal sense.

Our trial advocates also know how to develop creative business solutions to avoid protracted litigation, crafting licensing arrangements and other agreements that can serve the interests of both sides in order to settle cases quickly and affordably whenever possible.

When a client does decide that trial is necessary to achieve their objectives, we prepare a case to go all the way, knowing what is necessary to win at trial, or to defend or overturn a verdict on appeal.

We understand and appreciate that a client is entrusting the value of their life’s work to us when they turn to us as IP advocates, and we take that seriously. In fact, the very structure of our firm is client-focused, as we provide incentives to work collaboratively and share information to support our clients to the fullest, discouraging any attitudes or behavior that interferes with the rendering of superior client service.