Jeffrey S. Wolfson

Jeffrey S. Wolfson

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Jeffrey S. Wolfson

Representative Matters

$350M Loan For An International Syndicate of Banks

Negotiated a $350M loan to a borrower with U.S. and Canadian affiliates for an international syndicate of banks.

Family-Owned Plastics Manufacturing Company Advisory

Advised a family-owned plastics manufacturing company following the deaths of its sole stockholders/senior executives in a tragic plane crash, including dealing with anxious customers, lenders and employees; creating and participating on a Board of Advisors; and ultimately selling the company. 

$50M Loan for Parent Company of National Electronics Retailer

Secured a $50M revolving loan for the publicly-held parent company of a national electronics retailer.

LLC Operating Agreement for Major Hotel Chain in Atlanta

Negotiated a LLC operating agreement for a major hotel chain to be built in the former Olympic Park in Atlanta. 

Family-Owned Business Ownership Transfer

Transferred ownership to the second generation of a family-owned business, including stockholder and buy-sell agreements among the new owners.

Purchase, Sale & Lease Agreements of Aircraft & Aviation-Related Products

Representation of companies in connection with the purchase and sale of aircraft, as well as the lease agreements related to hangars and aviation-related products and real estate.