Jeffrey S. Wolfson

Jeffrey S. Wolfson

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Jeffrey S. Wolfson

Representative Matters

Ongoing Representation of Jeff's Place

Ongoing representation of Jeff's Place, an organization dedicated to facilitating healthy integration of loss for children, teens, and their families by helping them feel less alone in their grief journey. 

$50M Loan for Parent Company of National Electronics Retailer

Secured a $50M revolving loan for the publicly-held parent company of a national electronics retailer.

Family-Owned Business Ownership Transfer

Transferred ownership to the second generation of a family-owned business, including stockholder and buy-sell agreements among the new owners.

Family-Owned Plastics Manufacturing Company Advisory

Advised a family-owned plastics manufacturing company following the deaths of its sole stockholders/senior executives in a tragic plane crash, including dealing with anxious customers, lenders and employees; creating and participating on a Board of Advisors; and ultimately selling the company. 

LLC Operating Agreement for Major Hotel Chain in Atlanta

Negotiated a LLC operating agreement for a major hotel chain to be built in the former Olympic Park in Atlanta. 

Purchase, Sale & Lease Agreements of Aircraft & Aviation-Related Products

Representation of companies in connection with the purchase and sale of aircraft, as well as the lease agreements related to hangars and aviation-related products and real estate.

$350M Loan For An International Syndicate of Banks

Negotiated a $350M loan to a borrower with U.S. and Canadian affiliates for an international syndicate of banks.