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Jill Fox banking and finance associate attorney lawyer

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Connecting Esports and Business

SMAAASH-ing the eSports Public Market

The public markets are playing a whole new game with the acquisition of Simplicity Esports, LLC by SMAAASH Entertainment Inc. The January 2 announcement caught the attention of the eSports world as we have been watching several other public video game businesses show some ups and downs over the...

No (eSports) Federation Without Representation

eSports, previously thought of as the wild, wild west, is starting to organize and no sports federation is complete without representation. As Graham Ashton reports in The Esports Observer , these varied governing bodies, which represent the eSports organizations, reflect the needs and concerns in this rapidly growing and evolving...

Is Your eSports Business Ready to Go Prime Time?

Ready to Play? The eSports world is exciting and fast-paced. It's a business model that is like none other. Understanding what's under the hood so that it has staying power is critical to its' success. Connect with our eSports attorneys to learn how we can help propel your business for...