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Kelly C. Harbour*

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Kelly C. Harbour*

SALI: Building Common Standards for Legal Services

September 2, 2020Publications / Mentions
Artificial Lawyer

The SALI Alliance has set itself a truly significant goal: to build a common standard for describing legal work, in effect a ‘common language’ to allow all lawyers, at least in the US for now, to turn the opaque and variable into the clear, shared and identifiable.

This taxonomy project has huge implications for the legal industry. It would lead to an increase in legal services transparency, and could drive up the use of fixed fees, and change how clients view price certainty in general when engaging with external providers.

In this AL TV interview with Kelly Harbour, who helps out with SALI Alliance projects, and is also Director of Client Relations & Innovation at Goulston & Storrs, we explore what SALI does and what the project means for the legal market.

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