Mark E. Swirbalus

Mark E. Swirbalus

+1 617 574 4119
Mark E. Swirbalus

Commitment to Excellence

Mark is one of a small handful of lawyers in the Boston area who dedicates his practice entirely to handling T&E-related disputes, which can be a highly specialized and nuanced area of the law. The focus and dedication of Mark and his teammates has helped to establish Goulston & Storrs as the preeminent probate and fiduciary litigation firm in Boston.

He appreciates the trust that clients place in him and is sensitive to the personal nature of their legal matters. This kind of litigation can be stressful and disruptive, but he works hard to enable his clients to continue their daily lives, knowing they are in his diligent care.

Mark finds this work deeply gratifying and is pleased to serve as a sounding board on a wide range of issues for individuals and the future generations of their families.