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How the Grinch Saved the Holiday Party (and the Company)!

November 20, 2018Publications / Mentions

The holiday season is fast approaching. With this time of year comes aggravation and anxiety from shopping and travel gridlock; from searching every Walmart, Target, and Best Buy for this year’s “must-have” gifts (which will be soon forgotten); and from awkward interactions with long-lost family members. None of these challenges compares with the stress that human resources departments experience during the holiday season. For most employees, the annual holiday party is an opportunity to relax with colleagues in an informal setting, celebrate the year’s accomplishments and triumphs, boost morale, and recharge for the year ahead.

But for human resources professionals, the holiday party is a terrifying minefield of potential legal exposure. Addressing these risks, however, does not require abolishment of the holiday party, or fun.

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