Ned Abelson Brownfields environmental insurance lawyer

Client Testimonials

"I’ve worked with Ned for 16 years on all environmental matters at our firm.  Ned has a keen ability to highlight the risks but advise with a business sense in getting to a feasible solution with the appropriate level of risk mitigation.  Ned raises issues and concerns with a 'get to yes' approach." Leslie Cohen, Samuels & Associates

“I have worked with Ned Abelson throughout the 20 years I have worked for my company. His input and advice have been invaluable with respect to all of our environmental matters. I can’t speak highly enough… he is not only extremely responsive, but the responses are substantive, on point, and unerring.” Kathy Doukas, New England Development

“Ned brings a rare combination of technical savvy, practical wisdom, and human approachability to his work. In my decade’s long experience, he quickly comprehends complex situations and is frequently the first to articulate the best solutions for resolving difficult challenges.  Ned has been a strong positive contributor on all of our joint projects.” Jim Okun, O’Reilly, Talbot & Okun Associates, Inc.