Patents are the cornerstones of numerous technology companies and other businesses. Assessing the value of both utility and design patents, our Patents group works closely with clients to navigate the complex patent landscape and to develop strategies that take full advantage of the patent statutory schemes. Combining the expertise of our business and IP groups, the Goulston & Storrs patent group assist clients with due diligence into the patent portfolios of clients, prospective business acquisitions and competitors. Our Patent group develops patent acquisition and licensing strategies that assist with the growth of our clients and works closely to nurture the development of joint venture and venture capital relationships through the licensing, assignment or acquisition of patent rights.   

Our Patent group works closely with the Goulston & Storrs IP Litigation group to assert our clients’ rights as well as to protect our clients from claims of patent infringement in a broad range of technology sectors, including healthcare, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, real estate, banking, venture capital, private equity, consulting and computer technology.

From less complex design patents to more complex mechanical, software and pharmaceutical technologies under the Hatch-Waxman Act statutory framework, our Patent group works closely with clients to effectively and efficiently compete in the complex patent landscape.