Open Letter to Our Communities

April 20, 2021Press Releases

Today, the nation and the world watched as former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted by a jury of his peers of the murder of George Floyd.  The verdict serves as an important reminder that the American judicial system can indeed administer justice in a way that fulfills the expectations of all members of our society.  At the same time, we know from the vivid and disturbing videos of the shooting of Daunte Wright in Minnesota and the assault upon Lt. Caron Nazario in Virginia, as well as the many other instances of violence aimed at members of the Black community – both before and after the trial began – that we have a long road to travel before all Americans truly experience equal protection under the laws of our country.  As members of the legal community, Goulston & Storrs views today’s outcome as an important prompt that we, as a society, must continue our efforts to bring equity to our justice system – indeed we can never stop.