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Clients with Causes

The pro bono clients we proudly serve include more than 100 nonprofit organizations with critical and compelling missions involving social justice, environmental protection, animal protection, early education for children, poverty prevention, protection from domestic violence, fair trade certification, sustainable investing, immigration rights, civil liberties protection, juvenile justice, prisoner’s rights, rehabilitation, affordable housing, community development, historic building preservation, assistance to the elderly and disabled, support for sexual assault survivors, disaster relief, and other worthy causes.

What follows is a representative, varied sampling of just 12 of the wonderful pro bono clients that our attorneys work with:

  1. American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts. Since its inception, the MA chapter of ACLU has turned to Goulston & Storrs for assistance in protecting individual civil rights and liberties guaranteed by our Constitution.
  2. Fair Trade USA. We provide a range of legal services to this organization that benefits farmers, fishermen, workers, families, and industry throughout the world through the certification and promotion of products that result from legal, responsible and sustainable practices.
  3. Gay For Good. This organization energizes and mobilizes the LGBTQ community to interact with the greater community by volunteering their time to various social welfare and environmental service projects. They hope to, over time, support goodwill and understanding between the LGBTQ and greater city communities through regular collaborative volunteer service projects.
  4. Housing Up. This organization, formerly known as “Transitional Housing Corporation,” provides affordable housing and comprehensive support services to hundreds of homeless and low-income families in Washington, DC.
  5. Kids in Need of Defense. KIND has helped more than 16,000 unaccompanied child immigrants to find legal services they desperately need, including children who have been persecuted in their home countries or trafficked to the U.S., and abused, abandoned, or neglected.
  6. Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. This society promotes and protects the well-being of children and families through essential child welfare and mental health treatment, legal protection, and effective public advocacy.
  7. Jubilee Housing. This organization develops “deeply affordable” housing in the Washington, D.C. area that offers proximate access to childcare, career training, and other social resources to build diverse, compassionate communities full of opportunity.
  8. Nature Conservancy. Our New York office spearheads service to this client, the mission of which is the preservation and protection of our land and water habitats essential to all life.
  9. Oxfam. This global confederation of NGOs works with partners in more than 90 countries to end the injustice of poverty, using legal and community advocacy to change policies and practices that keep people impoverished. Oxfam aids survivors of conflict and natural disasters in addition to advocating for basic human rights, climate justice, gender justice, and the elimination of food chain inequities.
  10. The Family Law Project of the Women’s Bar Foundation. The FLP is the largest pro bono program at the Women's Bar Foundation, drawing over 100 new attorneys each year, who are trained to collaborate with social service professionals to provide high-quality assistance to victims of domestic violence.
  11. The International Refugee Assistance Project. IRAP provides legal advocacy for refugees and displaced people in need of a safe place to call home, working with clients to identify and navigate pathways to safety through free direct legal representation, systemic advocacy, and litigation.
  12. Roca, Inc. Utilizing their Theory of Change, Roca believes that young people, when re-engaged through positive and intensive relationships, can change their behaviors and develop life, education, and employment skills to disrupt the cycles of poverty and incarceration.

We are proud to act as volunteer advocates for these organizations and many others because their causes are compelling, and their actions have proven effective. The challenges they bring to us make us more creative, persistent and effective as advocates, and they bind us together as one socially conscious firm.