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Project Citizenship Pro Bono Clinic

April 22, 2021 at 9:45am11:45am
Project Citizenship Virtual Event

Through the diligent work of Abigail Fletes and Bruce Meyerson, we are excited to announce that Goulston & Storrs has entered into a new pro bono partnership with Project Citizenship, a Boston-based non-profit offering free legal assistance to immigrants applying to become U.S. citizens. Through their pro bono clinic program and partnerships such as ours, Project Citizenship has helped an astounding 8,257 immigrants apply for citizenship since 2014.

Our pro bono work is a deeply rooted tradition that is now part of the cultural DNA of Goulston & Storrs; helping to define who we are and gluing us together as a firm. We believe pro bono service is not only an obligation of the legal profession – it is part of who we are. To learn more about the depth and breadth of our pro bono practice, click here.