Our Service Difference

We are sensitive to the raw emotions that are often involved in disputes relating to trusts and estates. Clients rely on us to reduce their stress by giving them the best possible course of action and advocacy to resolve their problems as quickly as possible, either inside or outside of the courtroom. They also appreciate our help in dialing down the temperature among all the parties in order to get to workable solutions.

Although we are always prepared to take a matter through to trial, we recognize that probate-related disputes often involve significant privacy issues and other concerns that can add a premium to the value of reasonable settlements reached through creative and thoughtful counseling. So, we make it a priority to counsel our clients about the risks, costs, and benefits of litigation, as well as the strategic alternatives for dispute resolution at the outset of each matter.

If our clients choose to pursue litigation, we are well-equipped to give them their day in court, but during the progression of any case, we also regularly discuss with clients the potential advantages and disadvantages of settlement and Dispute Resolution at any given stage based on the developing facts and changes in the law.