Our Services

Innovative enterprises that are revolutionizing the real estate industry benefit from Goulston & Storrs’ interdisciplinary approach, combining entrepreneurial corporate, employment, and tax experience with the industry knowledge and connections that come from one of the largest and most sophisticated real estate practices in the United States.

General Corporate Support

  • Entity formation
  • Negotiation and documentation of initial arrangements involving founders
  • Equity incentive plan design and implementation
  • Preparation of corporate governance documents and authorizations tailored to specific needs
  • Providing experience-based strategic business advice and forward-looking guidance

Innovation Development and Licensing

  • Drafting and negotiation of technology licensing arrangements
  • Documentation and negotiation of other IP licensing arrangements
  • Review and shaping of all critical early-stage commercial contract frameworks

Trademark, Copyright & Trade Secrets

  • Registration, maintenance & protection of valuable trademarks
  • Documentation and protection of copyrights for content and design
  • Protection and leveraging of trade secrets
  • Review and protection of other forms of IP with the help of selected experts

Employment Law & Counseling

  • Executive compensation and key person retention
  • ZRISA matters
  • Compliance with applicable state and federal employment and workplace regulations
  • Insights into competitive trends in human resource retention and enhancement

Tax Strategy & Planning

  • Choice of entity
  • Equity structures and incentives
  • Cross-border agreements, joint ventures, and other special situations
  • Strategic advice related to forward-looking strategies