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 Fiduciary Litigation in the Probate Court

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Fiduciary litigation is multi-faceted and often complex—and even more so with the recent adoption of uniform laws in Massachusetts impacting probate and trusts. It can involve the disposition of probate assets; disputes regarding the powers, fees, and duties of trustees; reservation; reports; appeals; cy pres; deviation; petitions to partition—and a host of other topics that are the subject of litigation. The second edition of Fiduciary Litigation in the Probate Court features a completely revised treatment of key topics pertinent to the Commonwealth's adoption of the Massachusetts Uniform Probate and Trust Codes, including discussion of equitable versus probate remedies, the mechanics of specific actions, such as the reformation of trusts, determination of title, declaratory relief, matters involving trustees, objections to and defense of accounts, will contests-and much more. MCLE has convened a stellar group of authors with deep experience in litigation of fiduciary matters involving wills and trusts. This comprehensive, multi-authored handbook should be your first stop for practical litigation guidance and procedural tips.

Product Number: 2070224EBK
Publication Date: 8/28/2013 
Edition: 2nd Edition 2013
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