Construction Suspension (MA) - COVID-19

March 16, 2020Advisories

Effective Tuesday, March 17, the City of Boston is suspending all regular activity on construction sites in the City until further notice.

During the suspension, only emergency construction work, such as emergency street repairs and utility hookups, will be permitted and will require approval by the Boston Inspectional Services Department, which will prioritize any such work.

Developers should maintain crews necessary to ensure safety at the project site, near the site, including securing materials and taking measures to prevent trespassing.  Project sites need to be made safe and secure by March 23.  After the site is made safe, skeletal crews will be permitted remain to ensure safety and security for the period of suspension.  The City of Boston will be assessing the situation on a week to week basis to determine if the suspension is still necessary.

All developers should immediately communicate with their construction teams and contractors regarding the City’s suspension to ensure that the City’s requirements with respect to safety and security are being adequately and timely implemented. This is also the time that developers should be reviewing their construction contracts, loan agreements, leases, and insurance policies and considering available options, including provisions regarding notices or claims that might be required or advisable in light of the City’s suspension.