"FEDs Refuse to Pay WASA Impervious Area Fees," DCBIA Pipeline

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FEDs Refuse to Pay WASA Impervious Area Fees

As noted in a WTOP report earlier this week, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has sent a letter to WASA and the U.S. Treasury Department which concludes that WASA's Impervious Area Charge is a tax and not a fee. Therefore, the federal government has determined that it will not pay the Impervious Area Charge. The federal government's fee from the Impervious Area Charge is reported to be more than $2 million per year.

In the WTOP report, WASA General Manager George Hawkins states "if the federal government doesn't pay its bills, then someone will have to make up the difference." Hawkins also stated he will meet with GAO to try and resolve this dispute. DCBIA representatives, along with AOBA representatives, will continue to monitor this issue and provide assistance to WASA in resolving this dispute.

Paul Tummonds
Goulston & Storrs
Vice Chair, DCBIA Legislative/Government Affairs Committee