"Meet Our Sponsor: Goulston & Storrs," Real Estate Bisnow

May 2010Publications / Mentions
Real Estate Bisnow

Real Estate Bisnow published this article in "The Green Alternative" e-newsletter.

Once the decision to join Goulston & Storrs was made, the rest just fell into place for the land-use group (formerly at Pillsbury) led by new Goulston director Maureen Dwyer. A month in, Goulston co-managing director Doug Husid is “giddy” with the pick-up. It’s been “very important to completing the puzzle and achieve our goal of being the best full service real estate firm in DC.” Goulston & Storrs has been bolstering its real estate practice since it opened the DC office in 2001 to support its National Affordable Housing practice. Acquisitions over the past 9 years have been strategic to growth, and the acquisition of Maureen’s crew is no different. “One of the reasons it worked so well is the mutual relationships,” Doug tells us. The move yielded immediate dividends as clients, including universities, followed Dwyer & Co. to Goulston."

“It’s an extraordinary group of associates,” Doug tells us of the newly minted crew. Members of the Land Use Group pictured above with several other attorneys from the DC office (and Doug and Maureen) include John Epting, Phil Feola, Allison Prince, and Paul Tummonds, Jr. The decision was made carefully, Maureen tells us. “It was a thoughtful process” that included meeting with the brass in Boston and considering the market in 2010 (the prognosis is for a strong year of business). She says Goulston & Storrs’ team approach, culture, and real estate focus were very attractive. Once the deal was done, the transition was seamless and even the little things were taken care of—when the group arrived, the new crew members' name plates were already on office doors. To top it off, breakfast and lunch were served.