Risk Assessment and Mitigation Checklist for Retailers Entering the USA

November Publications / Mentions

Goulston & Storrs is at the center of retail law in the USA. From our representation of some of the first shopping mall developers in the US to our current involvement in airport, sports arena and online boutique retail, Goulston & Storrs guides many of the nation’s most active retail developers, owners and tenants. Our attorneys negotiate countless retail and restaurant deals for both domestic and international landlords and tenants.

Our clients include foreign companies coming to the US for the first time and domestic companies expanding into the urban market. Because we understand both sides of these transactions, we can articulate the concerns of both the landlord and the retailer/restaurateur, and we are often able to propose a solution that is acceptable to both sides, enabling deals to move forward.

Clients We’ve Helped with USA Expansion

Clients Goulston & Storrs Has Helped with USA Expansion

We have put together a summary of the approach that a foreign retailer contemplating a roll out of a retail concept into the USA should consider to identify and plan for the major legal risks it may encounter. By undertaking such an analysis and implementing appropriate risk mitigation measures, the retailer can, in most cases, achieve a risk profile it determines to be acceptable and limit exposure to potentially costly and distracting litigation. The review and mitigation steps described are best undertaken by a team involving management, legal counsel and appropriate other business, IT and insurance experts.

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