Spotlight on Karen Kupetz: National Association of Legal Search Consultants

March 18, 2021Publications / Mentions

Excerpts from an interview with Karen Kupetz, Senior Director of Legal Recruiting.

I’ve had the opportunity in recent months to work on my resiliency and flexibility “muscles” in gaining an open mind to doing things differently. As an organization, it’s been great to see this sort of thing modeled so seamlessly throughout Goulston & Storrs (“G&S”). For example, we did very little virtual interviewing a year ago and placed a high priority on doing things in-person. It’s been terrific to see our recruiting function, and the firm as a whole, transition fully to working remotely while maintaining and, indeed, strengthening our personal connections with one another.

I have been fortunate at G&S and throughout my career to have been encouraged to forge a new and better path. Rather than being beholden to the way things had been done in the past, I am encouraged to take a fresh look and find bold solutions. This has become my mission at the firm and the support I have received here in pursuit of it has been incredible. Inside of my first few weeks, the firm’s top management made it crystal clear to me (through both words and actions) that my voice would be heard and valued and that I, indeed, had “a seat at the table.” I feel so fortunate to have my role at G&S regarded in such a way and am proud of the work I’ve done so far.

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