The Disruption Of Legal Services Is Here

September 20, 2021Publications / Mentions

I’ve worked in the legal industry for most of the last 12 years, and the entire time I have heard about the inevitable disruption that is coming in the form of technology remaking how law is practiced. From AI to data-driven pricing tools, the promise has been one of lower cost services and more accessibility and transparency around the practice of law.

But over those 12 years, not much has changed. The AM Law 200 looks very similar today as it did when I first entered this industry, and the firms themselves operate mostly under the same business model. I have watched the same handful of legal technology companies evolve their products in that time, and while incremental progress has been made, the impact of those technologies changing the business has been minimal. Coming out of the tech startup world, I have never gotten used to the seemingly snail’s pace of change in the legal world.

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