Viewpoint: Women leaders take recovery reins

October 9, 2020Publications / Mentions
Washington Business Journal

Read through the profiles of this year’s Women Who Mean Business honorees and one common characteristic becomes crystal clear.


Through the twists and turns, the endless pivots and the recalibrations of the past seven months, these leaders have kept their eye on success — by defining that success in a crucial, critical way that for too long was dismissed as a soft skill: They have cared about their people, their community and their customers. Putting the safety of their employees first. Showing up for clients in ways they’d never imagined. Using this as time to fight for flexibility and harness resources for those who need it the most. By doing these things, they’ve committed to building a business community that can adapt, thrive and create by widening the circle of opportunity and success.

These profiles offer us a blueprint for how we rebuild our economy in Greater Washington to be one of equity and opportunity, one that listens to a diversity of voices and amplifies those contributions.

Real Estate attorney and 2020 Women Who Mean Business honoree, Allison Prince quotes, “Never underestimate the importance of creativity and resiliency. It’s a shock to be in the middle of this, but you’ve got to dust yourself off. Think about how the world might operate in the future.”

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