Our Service Difference

Our team of dedicated professionals offers a unique value proposition in the nationwide marketplace. We have one of the most longstanding, diverse and reputable real estate and real estate financing practices in the country, coupled with a team of environmental, regulatory, tax and trial lawyers that can spot and solve problems associated with any property. So we can structure transactions holistically, addressing all of the relevant issues before they become deal-killers.

We not only possess the requisite legal knowledge pertinent to every phase of the most sophisticated types of financing, we offer superb local and regional market knowledge with respect to pricing, guarantees, financial covenants and other key aspects of a deal.

Based on our experience representing many parties, we also can identify the sweet spots and eliminate the pain points of all the players to a financial transaction, and we have good relations with relevant government regulators, lenders, property owners and developers, and other parties.

Our clients love that we have an inbred cultural emphasis on responsive, efficient service and results. Because of our unusual low leverage business model, we give partner-level attention to every matter, handling it with fewer lawyers than most firms would while remaining more accessible to our clients when needed.

Our lawyers are also keenly aware of the business context in which legal decisions must be made, and they make special efforts to understand the unique business and industry background of each client. As a result, the advice we offer is always consistent with and supportive of the client’s larger business objectives.

Since we handle real estate financing related to properties nationwide, we also have a well-developed network of relevant consultants, environmental experts, professional specialists, government contacts and local counsel who can add value to our work for the benefit of our clients.

Of utmost importance to our clients, we have a well-earned reputation for deal making, and not deal-killing. We take a business-oriented approach to solving problems, armed with the requisite knowledge of related legal risks and opportunities. Our attorneys know how to develop creative win-win solutions when dealing with another party or government authority, and we conduct ourselves as formidable but reasonable advocates with a dedication to and reputation for ethical conduct and professionalism.

We understand and greatly appreciate that clients are entrusting their life’s work to us when they turn to us for help, and we take that very seriously. In fact, the very structure of our firm is client-centric, providing incentives for us to work collaboratively, sharing information and ideas in order to support our clients to the fullest while discouraging any attitudes or behaviors that interfere with the rendering of superior client service.

Because our paramount concern is our clients, we also conduct free in-house seminars in financing and look for other ways to provide value-added service whenever possible.