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Agent Bank and Syndicate of Lenders in $38.5M Construction Loan Multifamily Apartment Long Island City

Representation of an agent bank and a syndicate of lenders in a $38.5M construction loan for a multifamily apartment building in Long Island City, NY.

Syndicate of Lenders $150M Construction Loans for Office Buildings in Waltham, MA

Representation of a syndicate of lenders in connection with $150M in construction loans for office buildings in Waltham, MA.

REIT $215M Construction Financing of Atlantic Wharf

Representation of real estate investment trust in connection with the $215M construction financing of Atlantic Wharf (formerly known as Russia Wharf).

Wall Street Firm & National Bank Syndicated Construction Loan for Office Project in Mid-West

Representation of a Wall Street firm and national bank in leading a syndicated construction loan for an office project in the Mid-West.

Real Estate Development Firm Restructuring $64M Syndicated Construction Loan on Mixed-Use Retail and Residential Development Site

Representation of a real estate development firm in connection with the restructuring of a $64M syndicated construction loan on a mixed-use retail and residential development site, involving a new mezzanine loan, a discounted pay off of the co-lenders and a modification of senior loan with remaining co-lenders.

Major Lender Condominium Construction Loan Workout & Restructuring

Representation of a major lender in a condominium construction loan workout and restructuring of lines of credit to an opportunity fund secured by pledges of interests in real estate investment entities.

Major National Lender Foreclosures, Workouts, Receiverships, & Sale of Notes for Multifamily Properties in NY and MA

Representation of a major national lender with respect to foreclosures, workouts, receiverships and sale of notes for several multifamily properties located in New York and Massachusetts.

Lender Workout and Chapter 11 Restructuring of $40M Mortgage Secured by Shopping Center

Representation of a lender in workout and Chapter 11 restructuring of a $40M mortgage loan secured by a shopping center in Northern Virginia.

Real Estate Company Refinancing and Restructuring and Purchase of Loans

Representation of a privately held real estate investment, management, and development company in the refinancing and restructuring of several loans as well as in the purchase of multiple loans.

Agent Bank $605M Revolving Credit Facility

Representation of agent bank in $605 million revolving credit facility to one of the nation’s largest REITs.

Agent Bank $620M Office Acquisition Financing & Negotiation of Intercreditor Agreement with Mezz Lender

Representation of agent bank for a syndicate of lenders in a $620 million office acquisition financing and negotiation of intercreditor agreement with mezzanine lender.

Starwood Capital Group JV with Gaia Real Estate Restructuring and Recapitalization of 9,500 Multifamily Units Across Four States

Representation of Starwood Capital Group in its joint venture with Gaia Real Estate in the restructuring out of bankruptcy and recapitalization (through an equity infusion and the restructuring of a $503MM CMBS loan) of PJ Finance Company and its 9,500 units of multifamily housing located in AZ, TX, FL and TN.

AION Partners Joint Venture Formation and Investments for Multifamily Properties

Representation of AION Partners in connection with their joint venture formation and ongoing investments in commercial and multifamily real estate properties located in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New York and Texas.

Partnership Refinancing and Acquiring Loans for Multifamily Properties in AZ, FL, GA, NC, NY, & TX

Representation of partnership in connection with the refinancing and loan acquisitions of multifamily properties in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New York and Texas.

Private Investment Fund $400M Acquisition Financing for Portfolio of Office Buildings in San Francisco

Representation of a private investment fund in connection with a $400M acquisition financing for a portfolio of office buildings in San Francisco, California.

Major American Bank Syndicated $247M Senior and Mezzanine Financing for Acquisition of 10 Office Parks Throughout the Southeast

Representation of major American bank in connection with a syndicated $247M senior and mezzanine financing for the acquisition of 10 office parks located throughout the Southeastern United States.

Major Financial Institution $192M Mortgage & Mezzanine Loan for Portfolio of Office Buildings in DC

Representation of a major financial institution in connection with a $192M mortgage and mezzanine loan made with respect to the acquisition of a portfolio of office buildings in Washington, D.C.

Syndicate of Lenders $600M Revolver & $500M Term Loan to REIT

Representation of a syndicate of lenders in a $600M revolver and $500M term loan to a REIT.

Syndicate of Lenders $100M Mortgage Warehousing Financing Facility

Representation of a syndicate of lenders in a $100M mortgage warehousing financing facility.

Opportunity Fund $250M Line of Credit

Representation of an opportunity fund in a $250M line of credit secured by partnership interests.