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Our Service Difference

Goulston & Storrs is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive, nationwide full-service assistance to clients that want to utilize carefully crafted joint venture structures and equity investments to raise and deploy capital for optimal performance.

Our team of dedicated professionals offers a unique value proposition. We have one of the most longstanding, diverse and reputable real estate practices in the country, coupled with a team of environmental, finance, regulatory, tax and trial lawyers that can tackle and solve every kind of problem associated with any real estate joint venture or equity investment.

Our tax lawyers are experts at helping clients capture the benefit of tax credits, deductions and incentives that apply to particular investments in housing, historic properties, cross-border joint ventures and other projects. Their work is supplemented by that of our certified public accountants on staff that help clients with pro forma modeling of after-tax performance based on various possible economic outcomes.

We also have lawyers who specialize in insurance analysis and risk management to help clients with negotiation of non-standard insurance coverage, as well as risk allocation and risk shifting by contract.  We can handle every legal aspect relevant to a joint venture or equity investment project, as well as risk-related and tax-related business issues.

Our team is familiar with every phase of the most sophisticated types of financing as well, offering superb market knowledge with respect to financial terms, pricing, guarantees, financial covenants and other key aspects of a deal.

Because of the collective real estate experience within our firm, we understand even the most nuanced and idiosyncratic laws and regulations affecting real properties, especially in urban areas with unique regulatory frameworks, such as Boston, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

Since we handle big-ticket and large-scale projects in many jurisdictions, we have a well-developed network of relevant consultants, environmental experts, professional specialists, government contacts and local counsel who can add value to our own work for the benefit of our clients when necessary. Furthermore, we are members of MERITAS, one of the most reputable global networks of business lawyers.

Clients especially love that our legal professionals are keenly aware of the business context in which legal decisions must be made, and the need to act at the speed of business. We make special efforts to understand the unique business and industry background of each client as it pertains to any assignment. We take a business-oriented approach to solving problems, armed with the requisite knowledge of related legal risks and opportunities. That is why we have a reputation as deal-makers.

Clients also love that our culture emphasizes individualized attention to every client matter, focusing on responsiveness, lean staffing, efficiency and results. Because of our low leverage business model, we often handle matters successfully with fewer lawyers than our opponents while remaining more accessible to our clients, making sure that a senior level lawyer is constantly interfacing with each client on every matter.  

We understand and appreciate that a client is entrusting the value of their business to us in important legal matters, and we take that seriously. The very structure of our firm is client-focused, formed at its core to facilitate collaborative work and information sharing in order to support our clients to the fullest.