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Our Service Difference

We understand that our clients’ matters are of the utmost importance to them, and we endeavor to partner with our clients to help them achieve the best possible outcomes. We give individualized attention to every case and focus on responsiveness, lean staffing, efficiency, and results.

We pay particular attention to the economics of our clients’ businesses. We understand that while some cases merit a no-holds-barred approach, others require a more precise and focused effort, and some fall in between. Our real estate litigators are keenly aware of the business context in which many litigation decisions must be made, and we make special efforts to understand our clients’ objectives so that we can provide them with the best possible advice and representation. Because of our deep experience, we add value for our clients through our early case assessments, which can help identify opportunities for quick and creative resolutions.

We also understand that many of our clients will continue to be involved in the real estate industry and wish to preserve their reputations and relationships in the industry. For this reason, we look for creative win-win solutions whenever possible, conducting ourselves as formidable but reasonable adversaries with reputations for professionalism and the highest ethical standards.

When trial is necessary to achieve their objectives, we know how to win at trial and how to defend the judgments we win on appeal. We do not shy away from hard cases or novel issues. As a result, we have set legal precedents in a number of successful “cases of first impression” over the years. 

Indeed, our knowledge and expertise are recognized by our peers and other real estate industry professionals, and our real estate litigators often serve as panelists and presenters at legal education seminars and real estate industry programs.

Finally, and crucially, we enjoy what we do.  We look forward to helping our clients work through their disputes and position themselves for even greater success in the future.  We know from experience that litigation, while not desirable, creates opportunities.  We enjoy helping our clients capitalize on those opportunities.