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New York City Vaccine Mandate for Certain Indoor Activities

In early August 2021, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the Key to NYC , which requires patrons of indoor dining, indoor fitness and indoor entertainment to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Employees at such establishments must also be vaccinated. There is no exception to this vaccination mandate...

Five Takeaways from the BBA Webinar on the State of Retail and Hospitality During COVID

Boston Bar Association Webinar
On November 13th, the Boston Bar Association hosted Uncharted Territory: Challenges Facing Retail, Hospitality Sectors and their Landlords . The live webinar featured Richard Heller, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Legal Sea Foods, Joseph Wang, a partner in Boston-based Sherin and Lodgen LLP’s Hospitality Practice Group and...

Avoiding Coronavirus Discrimination Claims in Retail and Hospitality

On the 30 th anniversary of its passage, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) deserves recognition for its continued viability and adaptability in response to contemporary problems and technological change. As the retail and hospitality industries reopen and expand operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, an important component of those...

Coronavirus: Impact on the Retail Industry

Coronavirus Disease 2019 or “ COVID-19 ” continues to dominate national and international discussion. News outlets in  Boston ,  New York ,  London ,  Mumbai ,  Rio de Janeiro ,  Tokyo , and every other city and town in the world continue to post and print stories related to spread of...

Retail Evolution: Continuing to Think Outside of the Box

In a prior blog, we discussed partnerships between retailers and hotel chains as a strategy for providing customers with an interactive experience and staying competitive in the market. This trend has continued and is further evolving. Retailers are bringing the store to the consumer and inventing new and creative...

Airbnb Slashes Boston Inventory to Meet New Requirements

The number of Airbnb listings in Boston has been cut in half due to local ordinances regulating the operation of short-term rentals. Boston is not the only city pushing back on Airbnb, a company that is battling local city governments across the country while simultaneously addressing concerns about safety...

Boutique Retail Hotels: Introducing The New Meaning Of “In Room” Shopping

In this ever changing world, retailers are continuing to invent new ways to highlight their products, provide customers with an interactive experience and to stay competitive. We have previously discussed strategies used by brick and mortar stores to compete with their online counterparts, but retailers know that they need...