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Let Freedom Ring!

Goulston & Storrs has a long and proud tradition of supporting diversity. It’s not just a theoretical goal; we believe diversity helps us recognize and appreciate alternate viewpoints which ultimately improves our firm and our ability to serve our clients.

Two years ago we spoke in support of the Supreme Court’s decision declaring Section Three of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional. As longtime supporters and pro bono counsel for MassEquality we were gratified by this result. A few days ago, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, marking the end of a long chapter of activism. And just last week, Marc Solomon visited our offices to share insights from his book, Winning Marriage.

We celebrate our clients and colleagues who have labored tirelessly for many years in the fight for marriage equality, and share in their pride with the Supreme Court's historic decision.

As we look to Independence Day, we are reminded what those brave patriots in 1776 achieved for us: limitless possibilities for individuals, families, governments, academic institutions and businesses. Since our founding, we have strengthened the links across a broad continent and an increasingly diverse population.  We have built a cross-country railroad linking our coasts; united fifty states; accomplished air travel, put humans on the moon and countless other achievements. All of those initiatives were possible because of the people behind them-- including waves of immigrants from all continents-- and the businesses they created to support the endeavor. In fact, many retail establishments are likely in business today due to the advent of rail travel and they will continue to adapt as mobile commerce evolves.

Two centuries later, we still enjoy limitless possibility: from the local small business owner looking to expand his business to the big box retailers who grew their brands from humble beginnings, we are all reminded that Friday’s Supreme Court decision is just one more milestone on the long path to progress. The wedding-planning business, and retailers in general will likely see a boost as a result of Friday’s decision, as we have already seen with companies like Target and insurance provider Esurance beginning to market specifically to gay couples.

Happy Fourth of July and let freedom ring!

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